Research & Development Activities

In order to keep at pace with the technologies being developed globally in the field of ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY CONSERVATION & ENERGY CONVERSION, ENCON Thermal Engineers established its Research & Development Centre was started in 1997. The project is sponsored by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) and Ministry of Science & Technology in partnership with Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun.

We are pleased to inform that we have developed gaseous film burners at this centre, These burners have been commercially successful and are giving a saving of upto 16% compared to the conventional burners.

We feel proud to inform that this R&D Centre has innovated Gas Heating Elements which can retrofit any heating elements (electric energised) application upto 550°C temperature. This technological innovation of Gas Heating Elements has won the 'First Prize' for the 'Best Technology' during Techmart'99 India International Trade Fair (IITF'99). The gas heating elements also bagged the 'EXCELLENCE IN TECHNOLOGY' from CII 2003.

We have also developed High velocity burners at this facility that can be energised by any kind of liquid and gaseous fuel. These burners are being used in Reheating furnaces and tundish preheaters throughout the country.

Fuel economy in steel plants through burners & furnaces

By introduction of IIP-ENCON 'Film Burner' a major breakthrough was achieved furnaces and Steel Melt Shop Equipments. The saving in any given application ranged from 5% to 50%. The technology breakthrough has created a revolution in the world. ENCON India has changed more than 10,000 burners to IIP-ENCON 'Film Burners' in the country and internationally and is in the process of converting many more.

The introduction of ENCON High Velocity burners in steel reheating furnace and aluminium melting furnace has resulted in a saving of 15-30 % in the energy cost.